If you think just documenting your processes is the solution, then you have failed to understand the problem.

The problem most organizations face is misalignment between departments, accountability, expectations, and outcomes.

Effective process documentation must first solve the problems holding your team back.

Start accelerating your team through OPTICS™ alignment resulting in sustainable, scalable & profitable growth!


Perceived Problems: Does your business team experience these symptoms?

Alignment of people & process is essential to every organization’s success, yet most struggle with creating, simplifying, aligning, documenting and consistently executing processes that work! Symptoms you may see:

  • Difficulty focusing and scaling of your business due to resources fixing internal problems rather than focusing on growth

  • Mistakes and backlogs resulting in reduced revenues, increased costs, and poor profitability

  • Frustrated employees leading to poor work environment, employee turnover and poor culture

  • Overprocessing of tasks leading to delays, excess costs, reduced profits, and even reduced revenues

  • Employee feelings of being overworked and overwhelmed resulting in poor client delivery


The Underlying Problems

Our team has identified several causes in researching and working with dozens of companies of various sizes across industries including services, construction, logistics, and manufacturing.

  • 85% of documented processes fail to account for clearly defined inputs required for efficient handoffs leading to interdepartmental breakdowns & errors.

  • 90% of process documentation and training fails to articulate “why” the process or steps are necessary resulting in employees taking shortcuts, failing to consistently follow processes, and training challenges

  • When asked “do people follow your processes”, most leaders respond “they would if…”

  • Companies create SOPs and Work Instructions in reaction mode as opposed to alignment with company values & goals for specific roles/tasks. This results in misalignment between departments.

Our KRU has been working with Ryan and his team for several months to identify, align and document multiple core processes. We knew this was a critical step to effective planning, assigning workload, and training new hires but we really saw the benefits during our sessions with EPS. Ryan has the knowledge and customization that we were looking for.

Gina Krusinski

Vice President

Expected Results

Our clients have closed thousands of gaps resulting in.
Examples include:

  • OPTICS™ has resulted in millions of $ in profit

  • Thousands of hours saved

  • 2x-3x Improvements in employee satisfaction

  • Scalable growth

We've increased profits substantially...The EPS Zone team has created clarity & simplicity in our operations through consulting, training, and support services!"

Lindsey Bombino

Rankin Group - President

How It Works

Clients typically start with 4 sessions focused on a specific challenge or opportunity.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the alignment of people & process, Ryan developed the OPTICS™ System to enable teams to dramatically improve alignment, streamline processes, and deliver results.

Each session enables your team to progress in clarification of problems in process, people, and expectations. This clarity leads to the identification of specific actions to close the gaps.

The OPTICS™ System Software Platform enables your team to clarify opportunities, create process documentations, and execute on actions that solve real problems for your business!

  • EPS Success Coaches are certified executives with decades of experience in leading organizations and successful teams.

  • EPS Support Specialists are global team members available for virtual support with any questions that you may have as you take the OPTICS™ journey!

Choose a plan that is right for you


Your team learns the OPTICS™ System framework for self-implementation with virtual coaching support

  • Personal Onboarding Call

  • Up to 2 participants from your organization

  • Weekly Training & Group Session

  • Limited Access to Virtual Client Success Specialist team

Monthly Membership

*Virtual support


Your team receives customized guidance in implementation of the OPTICS™ System

  • Facilitated Onboarding

  • High Performance Workshop Series Including 4x90 Minute Virtual Sessions Focused on your Team

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Assigned Client Success Coach + Access to Client Success Support Team

Project Based

*Optional In-Person – Ask me how to jumpstart these results in 1 day!


Ready to really dive in to focus & scale for next level growth? Let’s talk about a custom solution!

  • Creation of Custom SOW

  • Customized to your needs


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